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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unequal Capital

I am in Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station at New Delhi. The facilities are so AWFUL here that I am baffled. The approach to the station is completely dirty and clogged with vehicles. Platforms, walking bridges look like they were swept and washed years ago. There is no separate waiting room for AC passengers. The only waiting rooms available are unregulated, over-crowded, hot, humid and partly flooded with leaking water from the bathrooms.

This is the situation at arguably one of the most important train stations in the country, from where Durontos & Rajdhanis (pride of Indian Railways) originate to most states.

Rest of Delhi, at least the airport, the main arteries through the city, the flyovers, the gardens, the footpaths seem to be so well maintained. Especially given the Commonwealth games. Traffic is more but the city in general seems very neat for an occasional visitor. Why do train and bus stations get such a step-motherly treatment?

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  1. Is it because none of the visitors for the games will use the railways? Is the focus only on flighty visitors? Sudha