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Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Sadhguru

Today (September 3rd, 1957) is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's birthday.

I met Sadhguru five years ago, full of skepticism, alert with my reasoning, determined to see beyond his charisma and carefully crafted programs, completely conscious not to be drawn into a particular belief system.

Today all I am left with is gratitude, for Sadhguru. 

Gratitude for showing so many of us the Path - the wonderful self-development practices and programs that he has designed / taught. For exceeding every one of my expectations in the past five years, not 'just' in spiritual matters, but as a human being, in integrity, values, acumen, balance, humility, hard work, sense of humor, love for people, society and the nature. For his rare, all-round clarity. For his deep, compassionate answers to so many questions. For his untiring efforts to cultivate intense, compassionate human beings worldwide. For his wonderful social initiatives. For his love and patience for us, in spite of being so far ahead in life experience. 

Happy Birthday Sadhguru!  Aapko hamari umer lag jaaye.

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